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The NMAC Foundation

The NMAC Foundation was created as a place of interaction with their social, cultural and territorial context.

Following the current model of relational center, this project was conceived as a mediating museum, committed to supporting contemporary artists on specific projects that promote dialogue and understanding of society through art. The meaning of a management model of a relational institution is linked in as established connections with various public groups, their interests and participatory potential defined.

The NMAC Foundation works as an experimental institution in the public domain which has developed several projects that propose new models of existence of art in the public sphere. Since NMAC understand relational management as a space for art that explores new ways of interacting with the social. We look for ways in which art can make a significant contribution through their specific nature. Since an independent management and institutional autonomy NMAC wants to open a new experimental social structures. In this regard projects like the one made in 2005 with the artist Aleksandra Mir, Love Stories, show a clear example of how the NMAC Foundation wants to work on projects involving new forms of communication with society and in turn establish the headquarters of the foundation as a platform for exchange of ideas in continuous process of change and dialogue with the public. In this sense, projects like House Cleaning workshop by the artist Marina Abramovic ‘in 2004 in which 40 artists from all over the world participated, amounted to NMAC as a place of contemporary creation, brainstorming and views and dialogue with the collection through creativity and imagination and contextualization of its collection within the performance.

The collection of the NMAC Foundation is comprised of more than forty site specific projects by artists of national and international reputation as Roxy Paine , Gregor Schneider , Susana Solano, Marina Abramovic ‘ , Adel Abdessemed , Pilar Albarracín , Cristina Lucas, Fernando Sánchez Castillo, Maja Bajevic , Maurizio Cattelan , Sol Lewitt and James Turrell and many others.

The NMAC Foundation among its objectives aims to give a boost to young artists starting to excel in the art world and offer them the opportunity to exhibit alongside internationally renowned artists and also be a bridge to artists who have never had the opportunity to present before in Spain .

Parallel to the artistic creation, the NMAC Foundation devotes much energy in an educational program for students of all levels and teachers to bring you up to date with the latest trends in contemporary art and international artistic creation. Its educational program is today a reference, educational materials for all levels and an exclusive online portal devoted to cultural education ( www.nmaceduca.org ). In recent years, approximately 15,000 students from across the province of Cadiz have benefited from this program.

Programming the NMAC Foundation it is based on the production of images that facilitate devise parallel universes where people can get lost for a while and which serve to establish links with the world in which we live. Since NMAC sees education as a fundamental root and spread these principles it is considered the cultural and art as a critical element to set the values ​​of a society of free thinking and cutting-edge tool.

James Turrell

“First, I am not concerned with any object. The object is perception itself. Secondly, I do not concern myself with anything, because I want to avoid associative symbolic thought. Thirdly, I also take care of any order or any particular point where to look. Aimless and purposeless without image, what do you order? You look at yourself looking at.”

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